About Us

GIRUS Life Sciences, Inc. is a cell biology-based company dedicated to developing technologies that control biological outcomes in tissues and in tissue culture.

GIRUS was formed in 2005 after all rights and title to the Company's Directed Cell Trafficking™ (DCT) Technology were acquired from UCSF. DCT, currently the only technology that facilitates use of fewer cells in hematopoietic stem cell transplants, is being developed to improve current procedures and to enable routine use of cord blood stem cells in transplants for adults. A long-term objective of the Company is for DCT to become standard of care in stem cell transplantation.

The Company's BioProcess Division is focused on developing animal-free cell culture products and provides R&D services to accelerate drug development. The Division's products include Regocel™ supplements, a panel of novel small molecule formulations that regulate cell viability, growth and enhance production in small-, medium- and large-scale cultures. Company's products also include GEMT and animal-free Regocel™ media for mammalian cells.